Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cambria Day Three

More hiking. More beauty. More eating. More pictures. More wildlife. More laughing. We packed it in the last hours. We sang and prayed together. We checked out a beautiful Craftsman house where we might stay (for free) next year. Guess who wanted to go home when the time came? Not me! We took side streets home because the traffic was almost stopped from Goleta to the Rincon. Even that felt like an adventure. Now it's gray skies, summer school, up at 5:15 am and the to-do list. I'm so thankful for this restorative weekend with special friends.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cambria Day Two

We started the day with a leisurely breakfast and good conversation around hot drinks. Then we attended an outdoor church service that was very touching. Our friends the Drs. O'Donnell were treated like celebrities. They are famous experts in their field, not only France, but in the world, but to us, they are just Kelly and Michele. Good times of worship, prayer and communion. I don't normally take pictures at church, but this so special seeing our friends praying together and receiving a special blessing after communion that I couldn't resist capturing the moment.

When you have ten people, it's hard to get going in any direction, so after an hour and a half of preparation, we were out the door for our hike through the Harmony Headlands State Park. I was reminded how much I love being a California girl. The Central Coast scenery is spectacular. We enjoyed seeing sea otters play and float on their backs. Is there anything cuter than an otter?

It was fun melding multiple styles in the kitchen for dinner. The boys guarded the grill and produced slabs of charred animals. I enjoyed collaborating with other women in the kitchen making blueberry cobbler, beans, salad, bread, and more. We all eat the same--plenty of fruit and whole grains, and little fat and chemicals. It was great to get new ideas and see how other people cooked.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

We are in Cambria, but it feels like we are in Paradise. We are here with two other couples-dear friends of over thirty years. The setting is beautiful and the food is amazing. We spent the day hiking along the bluffs, walking around the charming town, eating, reading, drinking wine and talking. This morning we sat around with steaming cups of coffee and tea just talking and having a leisurely morning. We all have Italian names and pretend we are part of the Venucci family, the famous millionaire. Anduve played his guitar in the background, while they occasionally glanced at the Tour de France on TV. (A dog got loose and ran into the pack, injuring a rider.) Anuncia is cutting up fruit for lunch. The food is amazing--lots of healthy salads, fruit, and Sweet, Salty Nutty trail mix. DO NOT EAT Erin's cereal.
We laugh, remember, share stories that have become even better with each telling, and roast Vido. We all have different stresses on our lives, too, and these come out slowly. There are times when the tears well up because we realize how special these friendships are.