Sunday, August 31, 2008

Still Working out this Empty Nest thing

Is the world still turning on its axis? Because it feels like my world has stopped. Every landmark in my town brings pain. Jim said "B__ V____ park! Remember when we used to take the girls there?" Seeing a little girl with her mother at Peet's was painful. We ran into the owner of the children's bookstore that holds so many memories for us. We loved seeing Jodi and hearing about her new endeavors, but knowing we'll never take our girls to story time again seems sad. Church is painful. We first starting attending this church when I was pregnant with Molly. My friend Linda is going through a similar struggle, sending both her girls off to different places. It was good to collect a hug from her. We don't spend a lot of time together, but we are almost always on such similar journies that I feel that she shares my heart. Must send chocolate. Another friend, Paul, said "It's not over. It's just different." But, see, I don't like the different. I like having the kids around every day. On the one hand, I love the people they've become so it's easier to let them stand on their own. I trust them, and know they will do well. On the other hand, I love the people they've become, so it makes me even more eager to be with them. And I'm not with them.

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Don't be saddish. Have a radish.