Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm Thankful for a Four-Day Weekend

I'm so weird. I can wallow like Eyore one minute, and the next feel quite Piglet-ish. One minute I'm incredibly sad about my nephew dying, and the next minute I'm realizing how much fun the weekend is. 

On Saturday I celebrated our mutual February birthdays in San Clemente with my friend who is like a mother to me. We had lunch at a fancy restaurant on the water in Dana Point. It was great to talk for hours about our lives, our faith, and to straighten her out on the fact that the teacher's union is NOT what is making education terrible in California. 

Then I went on to San Diego, and got to eat at my FAVORITE restaurant (the Persian one). It was Valentine's Day and Molly and I fit right in because all the people in the restaurant were same-sex couples celebrating their relationship. (Kelly lives in a very ecclectic neighborhood.) Although Kelly is living in Northern California now, she flew in that night for a job interview and to play the Wii at her San Diego house. 

Molly reminded me of the time Brenna was about five and announced "ALL roads lead SOMEWHERE." Yes, they do. But not always where you want to go. Molly, kept saying "I know where I'm going. I know where I'm going." And this was technically true. She just didn't know how to GET there. Molly has many amazing talents. One of which is that she can roll out of bed and look prettier than someone who has spent an hour trying to make themselves presentable for the day. 

We also ate breakfast at Mystic Mocha, the hippy coffee place near Kelly's house.  I love, love, love Mystic Mocha. I love the toys from the sixties displayed all over the restaurant, and the way people don't drive to it--they walk from the surrounding neighborhood. They often bring their dogs, and there is a huge glass jar of biscuits for their canine friends. But the best part is the most incredible muffins in the world. It was hard to choose between the pumpkin white chocolate chip pecan one, or the Mexican chocolate banana nut one. Yum! Then we went to Molly's church. Flood. (Why do churches all have non-church names now? Reality, The River, The Rock, The Bridge.) Next up: Korean Barbecue. A great quote from Kelly looking at the lunch menu: "Octoupus really isn't good the next day." Even though eating is one of her greatest talents, (She will try anything new.), Kelly has lost a lot of weight and is a mere shadow of herself. I hope she gets this job as a bilingual kindergarten teacher in San Diego. Obviously, there is NO ONE better qualified, but will they be able to see that in the 15 minute interview? I missed Jim and Brenna being with us, but I had a fabulous time with two of my girls. 

Molly and Kelly at Mystic Mocha

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