Sunday, September 20, 2009

An Update on Kelly

The wedding isn't the only exciting event of the past week. While talking casually to my friend, the superintendent, she told me that they have many more kindergarten students than expected because in this economy people wanted to try the public school rather than start their children in private schools. I asked "Are you going to hire more teachers?" "Yes! Who do you know?" "Kelly." (Kelly has been looking for a teaching job for over a year.) "Tell her to stop whatever she's doing and fill out an application!" So I called Kelly, and she interviewed for the position on the Thursday before the wedding. She found out Thursday at 4 pm that she got the job, and it started three days later. She couldn't do much over the weekend because of the wedding and because she didn't have any supplies. On the Monday she earned the staff's admiration when they found out she could do Power Point. Normally setting up a classroom, even if you are an experienced teacher takes a few weeks, and there's a lot to think through and decide. Kelly had two days. And on the first day, Monday, she found out "By the way...Thursday's Open House." Of course it was. I would have dissolved in tears, but Kelly took everything in stride. She's going to be a great teacher. She has a group that can't walk in line quietly to save their lives, and didn't even notice when Kelly loudly announced "I'm giving Linda a sticker because she's sitting quietly on the rug." It's fun to hear Kelly's ideas and see the little projects she makes for them. I can't tell you how exciting it is for me to have my daughter teaching in the same district as me. She will move back home until she gets over the shock that she doesn't live in San Diego any more and finds a good living situation here. She's sad to leave San Diego, but would rather have a job and live here than have no job and live there. It's fun having her home. That empty nest thing that I was grieving about when Molly left over a year ago? Perhaps I shouldn't have been so sad. Between my dad, Brenna, and now Kelly, there haven't been too many days when the guest bedroom is empty. Life is good.

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