Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Leisurely Saturday Morning

Molly's been here since before Christmas and we've had great times as a family (minus Brenna and Matt), playing cards after dinner, or having leisurely breakfasts together, or just enjoying each other's stories of our days. She brought me a latte at work on Friday. I was excited yesterday because she decided to go back to school three days later than she planned. Usually the girls are eager to leave, so I was happy that she wanted to be with us. This morning I made cinnamon rolls (from scratch, not the tube), home-grown oranges and blueberry fruit salad, and eggs and we sat around drinking tea and coffee and talking and laughing. It's so fun to have adult children.


jmp said...

Simple appreciation, supported by complex breakfasts. Nice to have a time of refreshing.

jmp said...

There is something special about the gap times without full agendas. They are even better with cinnamon rolls from scratch. Wait, did I get any cinnamon rolls???