Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Jim!

Today we celebrated Jim's birthday at one of his favorite restaurants in Summerland. Matt and Brenna drove down from the Bay Area and since Kelly and Molly are both home now, the whole family was together. Jim is hard to buy for--do you see the theme in the presents he received (pictured above)? We laughed, talked and shared. Matt told us about how his coworkers give him bugs to fix and he fixes them. Brenna deals with crazy clients who want pictures of what their one-of-a kind custom jewelry will look like before the piece is made. Kelly showed her kindergarteners that even in a thick book like Pillars of the Earth there are many words on a page that they can read. They are so proud of themselves and I'm proud of her. Molly is amazing. She has such a heart for the Middle East and is excited about Lebanon preparations. We had multiple cups of coffee, and great food in a beautiful setting. I love these precious times.

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