Sunday, March 30, 2008

Drugs, anyone?

For the three of you who are still reading my blog, (and you really must get a life!), I'm going to completely bore you with more of the health saga. So if you have something more interesting to do, like watching paint dry, you are excused to run along and go do it. On January 5, of this year, I was taking one small pill for my thyroid and two puffs of an inhaler for my asthma. That's it. Now, as you can see from the picture of the medications I'm now taking, I could open my own pharmacy. (Well, I could if that were legal, I mean). I have an appointment with a GI specialist for April 9, but I'm so hoping my ulcer heals before then. Ulcers are sometimes caused by a bacteria, and other times by something else. (Not usually stress according to the Mayo clinic online). Although I tested negative for the bacteria-type, the test is wrong 5% of the time. That's one in twenty! So now I'm being treated as if I had the bacteria because it's just not getting better. I'm praying I won't have to go through that test (and close your eyes if you're squeamish) where they put a tube down the esophagus and take a sample for a biopsy of anything that looks suspicious. It's not the tube that bothers me. It's the fasting beforehand. It's torture for me because of my Hypoglycemia to go without food for very long. I get angry, jittery, hot, and have even blacked out many times. Sigh. Please save me, Mr. Wizard!

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