Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back in the Game

I haven't posted for awhile because my life went through a very dark period. After I recovered from the bronchial virus, I was diagnosed with an ulcer that is still very painful. Now I'm feeling better emotionally and actually am having a great time this weekend. The girls are all home, and they are in really good places. I'm proud of all of them, I admire their deep faith, and I feel that they are making very good decisions about their futures. Last night we went to a Vietnamese restaurant to celebrate three birthdays and our 28th wedding anniversary. We ate Vietnamese food, I got a card purchased in China, a gift certificate for a Thai restaurant, a book set in Pakistan (Three Cups of Tea), a Japanese-style lunch box, and a gift certificate to a coffee shop owned by a German woman with a French name. I love that my family shares my same love for multicultural things, and the people of the world. We talked about B's upcoming year in El Salvador, and my future trips to Turkey and Italy. My dad was back from his month-long road trip. He had a great adventure, and shared stories of snow, good friends, and a wonderful time with his granddaughter who lives in Texas. This was a "do-over" of my birthday celebration, and I really enjoyed this time with my family.

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