Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was a week ago, and although I'm not a busy mom with three preschool kids anymore, I still haven't had time to write until now! Although it was sad not having my own mom and dad to celebrate with us I had a really good day. Molly came home on the train and I  loved having her here. She and Jim fixed an amazing salmon dinner. It was especially impressive that they prepared it by themselves in less than 45 minutes!  Kelly called and left a sweet message on my phone. Matt came by for tea. Brenna Skyped with us while  he was here. It was almost like having her here with us as she could join in the conversation from the computer placed on a chair in the circle. Too bad she didn't get to eat any of the Pepperidge Farm cookies! I love having children who don't wake me up at night, don't spit up on me, and don't eat snails and cat food. Yes, ages 19-24 is a good stage. They are doing interesting things with their lives, they share good books they are reading and teach me new technical skills. I'm so proud of all four of them, and especially thankful for the additional child this year: a son!

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