Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Tale of too Much Vinegar

This is one of the first summers that I have spent in the USA and I'm loving the free time I have. I have read a lot, walked, cleaned off my desk, and I am working through my long list of errands. Tonight I thought I would look for a fun recipe to cook. At the Cooking Light website I clicked on "Our Best Pork Tenderloin Recipe." I do so much stir fry and pasta that I just needed a switch, and I don't cook a lot of pork, so it sounded great. I had to laugh out loud when I saw the recipe, because I have 9 small bottles of vinegar and 1 gallon size bottle of white vinegar. I have Rice Vinegar, Red Wine Vinegar (three different brands), White Wine Vinegar,Balsamic Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar and Raspberry Vinegar. This recipe calls for Sherry Vinegar. Of course it does. It would be too easy to use ingredients I already have on hand. Perhaps I'll just go eat some chocolate and drink another cup of tea and forget the whole thing! I hope you are enjoying summer, too.

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jessica said...

OK same thing happened to me! I was at the store and I had on my list to round out my vinegar collection (I found some good healthy recipes). I needed to buy raspberry vinegar and sherry vinegar. Of course I didn't double check the cabinet but I thought I knew I didn't have those two.

At the store (the not so good one close to our house), I found raspberry but not sherry. I then made the assumption that white wine vinegar would be a reasonable substitution and grabbed some.

I saw your blog and went and pulled out all my vinegars. No sherry but everything else including 2 (aak) bottles of white wine vinegar plus the one I just bought. A couple of bottles of various vinegars were long past the use by date. Is there really a use by date for vinegar? And...can just letting wine "turn" make a usable vinegar? Is there a use by date in that case?

thanks for the story!