Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why Can't I be at Least as Smart as Sheep?

I have a Bible with wide margins and I always write a lot right in the book as I'm studying. As I came to Psalm 23 today, I read my notes there from over a year ago. The Psalm says "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want." This means, that, in the same way a shepherd provides for the sheep's needs, God gives me everything I need. Beside the passage I wrote: "I know that God is my provider, but with [one child's] $7000 dental bills, and Brenna needing $36.000 for El Salvador (not from us, but still a concern for me at that time), and Jim's lack of work in the worst economic times ever, I feel pressing financial needs. I know God is faithful and has seen us through before. Please help me in my unbelief that God can rescue us even out of this." I wrote this when the sub-prime mortgage crisis hit last year, and huge insurance companies and banks were failing. It was a scary time, and still is in some ways. No one knew what would happen, and everyone predicted doom. I look back a year later. The dental bills are paid. Brenna had more than enough money for El Salvador, and was able to give some to a team member. She will be home next week after an amazing year. Jim has work, which is truly miraculous in these times. Now I have new financial pressures: the wedding, the termites, Molly's tuition, future retirement, and more. I know I will always have more bills than money, but God is the good shepherd and he has promised to give me what I need.

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