Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spelling is Important

I'm teaching summer school this year instead of helping people in some land where they don't speak English like I usually get to do. But so far I'm loving the summer. I still have to get up early and pack a lunch, but I'm done at noon. Then I can laze around reading books and napping without feeling guilty. I worked today! I deserve to eat ice cream and read blogs! I enjoy my teenage students, too. Most of them are new to my school, and I'm enjoying get to know these (mostly) incredible kids. They want to finish a summer class so they can have a free period in their schedule for orchestra, a language, student government or some other noble cause. They make me laugh. Today a student turned in an essay about a trip to Hawaii. She wrote "I was so disappointed because I didn't get laid at the airport the way they always do in the movies or on TV." I explained to her the importance of spelling and how I think she meant "They didn't put a lei around my neck..." At least I hope that's what she meant!

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