Saturday, October 3, 2009

Almost Ready for the Runway

I've been a proponent of "reusables" rather than disposables for a long time. My girls saved the napkins from preschool snack because they didn't have paper napkins at home. When they could pick any item of Jim's aunt's estate they picked the goose paper towels-another item not found at our house. (They were under five years old.) Lately I've started buying all my clothes used, and today was typical of the fun I've been having. At a local consignment shop a woman with an amazing fashion talent encourages me to bring in the clothes I wear, and she mixes and matches some clothes from the store with my own.

Di making outfits out of my own clothes

She knows my tastes, and my aversion to dry cleaning, and she also gets me to think outside my comfort zone and try new styles. Sometimes she takes only my own clothes and puts together outfits in ways I could never have imagined myself. It's fun to see her combinations. I'm just not the creative type, and my fashion sense is about as great as most adult's algebra sense, so I really appreciate her help. The clothes I bought today were clothes I would never pay full price for- DKNY, Chicco's, and Banana Republic brands. I also found a heart necklace I love. I own necklaces the way Imelda Marcos owned shoes, but I really wear all of the ones I buy. Yesterday I looked at my closet full of clothes and felt like I had nothing to wear. Now, with very little money invested, I have a wardrobe of fun, comfortable, practical clothes. Thanks, Di!

New clothes

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