Sunday, October 4, 2009

In Ireland Post Cards are a Summer Item

I'm still pondering my used clothes purchases from yesterday, and something that Di said sticks in my mind. A staple of my wardrobe are Chinos or Khakis. Beige is easy to match with the bright colors I like to wear. Yesterday I said I was looking for a pair of khaki pants. She was very polite in telling me in a roundabout way that Khakis are really spring pants. Wait, there are spring pants?!? I get it that shorts or crop pants are for warmer weather, because you may feel cold in shorts in fifty degree weather, but the COLOR matters??? It cracks me up how you can't buy a sand pail and shovel in January because they are "summer items" even though children play in sand at parks year round here. I grew up in an area where most of my friends had servants and chauffeurs. One of my friends had a live-in seamstress. Only the outcasts wore the same clothes twice. That would be me. I was an outcast. By high school I had decided that the whole society world was shallow and meaningless. To let designers in New York decide what I should wear seemed silly, as did the idea of wearing painful shoes because they looked great. In college I found friends who had more of a world perspective and thought like I did, and clothes mattered little. Then I entered adulthood and realized that people really do judge you by how you look. Sometimes it's important to look nice. However, because I had checked out of the fashion world and mocked it, I never learned the rules of the game. And I walk around wondering if I'm I'm committing some fashion faux pas without realizing it. Have people been talking behind my back that I would wear khaki pants in FALL?! Horrors. Part of me is blowing those people a big raspberry because the rules seem senseless and arbitrary, and part of me wants to be their best friend so they can tell me the secret rules of wearing clothes, that only the cool people know.

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