Saturday, October 17, 2009

When You are Engulfed by Family

I have no news of my own. This week I'm living vicariously through my children and friends. But they are interesting and amazing. Brenna and Matt are home this weekend for an event that is happening in my town. Brenna was leading a small group of four girls from her university and she mentioned she was married. One said "So, you're like a grown-up?" Yes. She is. She came home and made dinner for Kelly, Matt and me last night. Matt entertained us in many ways, including having his computer talk to us in an audible voice. He set the computer on the coffee table and Matt typed on his Ipod from across the room, having the computer tell us to feed it chocolate, and responding to our conversation as if it were a real person. Maybe you had to be there but it was hilarious. It's fun having a boy in the family.

Molly sent me a sweet, long text in response to a care package I sent, which means she might get another one sometime. I always find it weird that the girls could go out and buy these same items themselves--they have money for food--but me sending the same items is fun and special for them. It's the element of surprise. "Look! Crackers!"

Meanwhile Kelly survived the week and provided the most interesting stories. She gave all her kindergarteners Post-its and had them find something in the room that started with "L". Sweet Linda had one on her. Kelly had fun activities like a math obstacle course that the kids who made good choices got to play. The others traced their numbers. Or rather, were supposed to trace numbers, but some chose to scribble out the numbers and when they were relegated to the rug, they rolled around and screamed. During the song where the children learned to spell "brown" Shawna said "I'm brown." This led to a discussion of "I'm not brown." And "I'm pink." Very cute. It's terrible what we do to new teachers. I'm wondering how an inexperienced person would deal with her very challenging kids. They speak like sailors, pants each other, expose themselves purposely, kick, spit, hit, and are defiant. Yes. Kindergarten. She has evening meetings several nights a week and doesn't get home until 8 p.m. She's very creative and amazing and is earning the respect of her fellow educators by doing a great job in the midst of a difficult situation.

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