Wednesday, May 7, 2008

His and Her Blogs

Today I interviewed 13 people for the job opening at my school. This is just the number of people who made it through the paper screening, not all the people who actually applied. Because we are moving to the college, more people have heard about us and want to work at, what I consider, the best job in the district. I came home exhausted from the interviews, and had about an hour off to relax before I went back out to an Italy meeting. I flopped on the couch, and my husband said "Did you read my blog?" He wrote exactly one entry 16 months ago, and I haven't exactly been checking it every day since then. "No." An hour later, as I'm walking out the door he said "Did you read the blog?" I hadn't. He was so eager for me to read his blog, but he doesn't read mine. He says he reads my blog, but I don't think he really does. He says he subscribes to it in Google Reader. If you are reading this, Honey, you can prove it by letting me know you read this entry about your blog, or by leaving a comment. He is a great writer, and I like his musing about his second office (a local coffee place); but all writers like to know someone is reading their stuff.

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Melissa said...

I'm reading your blog, Marsh, and I like it! I hope you know who gets selected for the job. She would be awesome at E.C. -- Melissa