Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Someday I'm going to have time to grieve. I feel sad about my mom's and brother's deaths, but most of the time I seem to be just trying to deal with one life circumstance after another. My own medical problems are over, but after I returned from San Luis Obispo, and went through a day of leader training for Turkey, my #3 daughter became very ill. We spent Sunday in the ER. She had a high fever and extreme pain from her esophagus from just below her throat to her stomach. They are continuing to run tests to find a diagnosis, and M. continues to feel horrible. She spends the few minutes that she feels well scanning the Internet, and is convinced she has some horrible, life-threatening, terminal disease. “But I DO have it. The symptoms are the same!” My heart aches for her. She is in great pain not only physically, but emotionally, as well. May God give her the peace and healing she needs.

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Melissa said...

I'm sorry to hear about M being sick... I'll be praying for her. Hope she feels better soon and that it's nothing serious to contend with