Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Am I Almost at the end of the Race? Because I'm Getting Really Worn Out

I am so tired and worn out that I'm trying to decide whether to go to bed at 6:35 p.m. or whether I should spend the evening crying, since I haven't had time to do so all day and have really wanted to. Dad's fine, but has a new, interesting scar to add to his huge collection. He had surgery to put a defibrilator under his collarbone. The defibrilator is not like the old pacemakers, which had only one wire, or the pacemakers of a few years ago that had two wires, but this new one has THREE wires, and it does everything except call 911. The doctor was so nice and informative, and thought Dad was the greatest patient he's had in a long time. I think this is about the tenth doctor (cardiologist, kidney specialist, endocrinologist, vein specialist, and who knows what else) and they all have been excellent. After the rough start that I last wrote about, I can say that the doctors have been informative, helpful and caring. The excellent nursing staff is eager to meet Dad's needs before he knows he needs something. I love a hospital with a good union! Dad has three library books overdue that he wanted me to take back to the library. It's not in a convenient location, and since I have so much on my plate I asked "What's the fine?" He said "Oh, there's no fine, but I have a moral obligation to return it as soon as possible in case someone else wants to read it." So he's in the hospital having had two heart attacks, and he's concerned for the people who might want to read the books that he hasn't been able to return. Guess I'll be going to the library tomorrow. 

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