Saturday, November 29, 2008

Help Us, Click and Clack!

It's a good thing I have the blog because I can read it and remember the happy part of yesterday. Jim and I had spent a nice afternoon at Starbucks in a shopping center. Later, when we went to the car to go to the Persian restaurant with the girls the car was gone. We kept thinking "Maybe we parked somewhere else, and we're just forgetting where." Or "Maybe we've been towed." (Even though we were at the shopping center, perhaps they thought we were hotel guests, parking illegally.) But soon it became painfully clear that the car was stolen. Honda Civics are stolen all the time in San Diego and taken across the border. I'm trying to see the good. Our computers were not in the car. Everyone's safe. No one died. It's just another aggravation added to my life. (I do not look forward to the many phone calls with the insurance company, the car rental agency and the police, among others.) A sad part was that Molly's notes and textbooks from her college classes were in the car, and she has finals in two weeks. Why couldn't the thieves have just left the notebook and books gently on the ground and then driven away? It wouldn't have looked suspicious at all, right? 

I just feel a sense of loss. Someone took something valuable from me, and my thoughts range from anger, to relief that it wasn't worse, to sad, to frustrated to wanting to look again in the parking lot...maybe we just overlooked it. Then I think "What else?" Against the backdrop of the life an death situations I've been facing all year, this is minor, but it still feels like one more papercut, one more insult, one more blow. 

We did enjoy a nice evening with the girls at the Persian restaurant. It is my favorite place to eat. I love everything about it. I love the waitress who is always there and good with a quip, the atmosphere, and the amazing food. I always have fun there and it's become a traditional part of all our SD trips. 


Melissa said...

I'm soooo sorry, Marsh. I hope they find it. :(

mphall said...

The whole SD trip sounds so fun! Except for the car, of course. I'm sorry I didn't get to see the Peters last week, but I'm really looking forward to our big travel plans next month.