Friday, November 28, 2008

We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

The girls went Black Friday shopping at O'Dark Thirty, and then we went to breakfast at Mystic Mocha, a neighborhood coffee shop full of ambience and great food that we have grown to love. My sister-in-law gave us tickets to the SD zoo, so we spent the rest of the morning there. Kelly has a season pass but even she got to see animal behavior she's never seen before. The tiger cubs came right up to the window to frolic. The Polar Bears put on an amazing water-wrestling session. One woman said "This makes the San Francisco Polar Bear exhibit look so sad." I liked the baby Panda, too, and thought of my friends in China. I love all the languages being spoken at a tourist place like this. My favorite "animals" were the little children, jabbering in French or Indian, excited about the fish or the bears . 

(You can click on a picture to see it larger) 
I want it known that it was NOT me who suggested we send this out as the Christmas photo of the three girls. 

My dad was not feeling well yesterday, and sounded terrible when I talked to him on the phone. The good times are tempered knowing that he would get better care if I were home. We are so close that I can "read" him like no one else. I understand him, and am able to meet his needs in a way outsiders can't. I'm so thankful for my dear friend, Jane, the home nurse who took care of Dad before, who went over to his house after I called her. She solved his whole problem, and encouraged me to stay in San Diego and not come home.  Without her I would be in Ventura right now, and my dad sounds better today. 

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