Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Night with Progressive People

My Sunday School class had a progressive dinner last Saturday night that started at my house for appetizers and then progressed to three more houses for salad, main course and dessert. It was great fun to have lots of good friends together eating and laughing. We developed new inside jokes and learned things like who's in love with Google Chrome and who doesn't have a shower in her home. I cleaned the house and bought sodas and Jim did the manly yard things. We found out at 2:35 that the party didn't start at 5:15 as I had thought, but rather at 4 pm. AAAGGGGHH! It was a little rushed there for awhile, but we made it in time. I love having the house full of good friends, and it was a respite from the stressful events in my life.

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