Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Good Day

I have decided that Jim and I don’t play enough. We used to take romantic trips together to sort of renew our marriage, when the kids were little. Now that they are grown and less demanding, we don’t feel the intense need to get away any more. Jim and I travel a lot still. We went to Thailand in June, and Albania in October, and San Francisco after Christmas. But those trips were not the relaxing, and nourishing holiday that I found in San Luis Obispo this weekend with Jim. We met our dear friends, Rick and Diane here, and had some great play times. We had dinner at Mama’s Meatball with Brenna and Matt. We were pampered in a nice hotel with a fireplace in the room. We had a great breakfast and read the paper leisurely. While Jim, (accompanied by Rick) taught a class in San Luis Obispo for a professional organization, Diane and I poked around the SLO downtown, ate white chocolate chip scones from the House of Bread, shopped and talked. Later, we all had lunch at Big Sky. San Luis holds only happy memories for me, and I was able to escape my grief for awhile. Just the change of scenery was incredibly healing for me. Today was a good day. I need to get away more. I love Jim.

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