Saturday, February 2, 2008

The story of Lazarus

I’ve thought a lot about the story of Lazarus. It’s the one place in the Bible that I know of where Jesus wept. (Did you memorize that verse, too?) He had been told that Lazarus was sick, and because he didn’t come right away Lazarus died. And his sisters were ticked that Jesus had delayed. Jesus knew how all this was going to end. He knew Lazarus was going to rise from the dead and be completely whole. Mary and Martha were going to get their brother back. It would all end happily. But what did he do? He cried. Why did he cry? And why didn’t He come sooner so that Martha and Mary (not to mention Lazarus) wouldn’t have to suffer the pain? He wept because of Mary and Martha’s suffering. When we are anguished, He is, too. He loves us. He doesn’t want us to suffer. But He also doesn’t remove the suffering because of how the pain is forming us to be the people He wants us to be. I’m changed already. I don’t know all the ways I’m changing, but I know I’m softer, wiser, and more compassionate. I am more willing to be the lump of clay molded by the Master’s hand. I’m more about the journey, and less about the destination. Hopefully, I’m a better friend, wife, mother, and daughter. I may be a better teacher, and a better Stephen Minister. I don’t want to go through the grief. But Someone has other ideas. So walk through it I will. Good thing He’ll never leave me or forsake me.

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