Saturday, January 17, 2009

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

I am famous in my family for my complete lack of a sense of direction. I get lost in my own (small) town. I have excellent map-reading ability, but because I'm directionally challenged, people who are lost, rely on their own instincts and ignore me EVEN WHEN I'M HOLDING THE MAP. Anyway, Molly asked my dad if she could buy a suitcase off of him because she needed one and thought he might not need it any more. He gave her the suitcase, and turns to me "Honey, my GPS is portable, would you like it?" I assume I have to give it back if he ever drives again, but it was such a sweet gesture. He knows I am spending a lot of time on his life--getting his medicines, doing his laundry, running his errands, checking his messages and making his phone calls--and he wanted to be able to give back. You can tell he thought about it, and chose something that would be lasting and meaningful and used daily to give me. It's so touching to me because Dad has always shown me the right way to go, through his example, and through his wise advice. He's always been there for me, to point me in the right direction. I hope he drives again and I can give the GPS back, but if he doesn't, I'll feel a lot less lost. 

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