Thursday, January 1, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

We arrived home safely. It was very sad to leave Brenna, knowing that I won't see her until July. I cried much of the way to the airport. One of the moms in our group discovered late the night before we flew that she had lost her passport. Suddenly the only thing worse than leaving your child behind in El Salvador became having to stay in El Salvador. They looked most of the night for the passport and called the embassy and the consulate, which were closed. In the morning their son drove out to the airport and asked if his mom's passport was there. The man in charge rolled his eyes, but went to look. Amazingly, he came back and said "Yes. It's here." It seems like in traveling there's always something stressful that happens, and it seems like it always works out. I'm not sure why that is. We checked our bags and walked to our gate, but on reaching security Matt suddenly remembered he had his pocketknife in his pocket still. It's easy to forget to check something you always carry with you. Amazingly again, they let him go behind the scenes where the luggage was and try to put it in his suitcase. He was gone for what seemed about two hours. His parents were a little scared of him going to El Salvador, so I was very conscious of keeping him safe. When he didn't return right away, I was sure that he had been safe the entire trip, only to be kidnapped and knifed at the last minute as we were ready to leave the country. Finally he showed up unscathed and we all drank lattes to celebrate. 

We scarcely recognized our house when we arrived. Leprechauns had come again and organized every cabinet, nook and cranny. The garden was free of every leaf and weed, and the deck was scoured. We have a shed that is full of old junk tossed together, but our friend had organized it to the point that we wondered where all this new stuff came from. One of the girls said "Our house and yard have NEVER looked like this!" I feel like a complete slob. A happy slob, but slob nontheless. I love living in this new place, and I'm thankful for a good friend with time on his hands.

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