Monday, January 12, 2009

Genetic, and Photegenic?

My oldest daughter is brilliant and adventurous and witty. She has this quirky sense of humor that makes me laugh. She tells us all the time how funny she is, and she's right. Sometimes my family and I feel differently about pictures. I love it when the kids let me take pictures of them together. I especially love it when they allow me to shoot a picture on a bridge, and we have pictures that I cherish of them on bridges all over the world. I'm trying to see the pictures that Kelly jokes around in as comical and humorous instead of a personal attack on me. I have cried when she won't let me take pictures on trips, but I'm really going change my attitude in the future, and let her be herself. I want a great family picture, and she wants to express herself. Could it be that the great family picture is not one where they are all smiling in traditional poses? Here are some El Salvador pictures that make me laugh:

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