Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Love to Laugh. Ha ha ha ha. Loud and Long and Clear

I love the people I work with, especially my new teaching partner, KW. She has this great love for the students, and a humorous toughness with them, too. She cracks me up. One student promised to bring her a paper last Friday. When he didn't show up with it, KW called his dad. "What can he do now  to make it up?" the dad asked. 
"I would suggest chocolate, because apparently he's going to have to get by in life on his charm, and not his follow-through." 
So, the student shows up bright and early Monday morning with a red Valentine heart filled with Ghiradelli chocoate squares--the good stuff. (I particularly like those mint-filled ones. Yum!) It was great. If he doesn't learn any academics, he's learned a great lesson about how to appease an angry woman, and that will help him way beyond high school. 

My whole staff has a great sense of humor. My principal leads the ship in hilarity. She can make anyone laugh, and usually gets what she wants because people are so entertained by her. The kids adore her, and so do the teachers. Mr. G.'s humor is a little sarcastic, but incredibly funny. He usually pokes fun at other people, but in  a kind way. KA is the queen of puns and practical jokes. TS--well, what can I say? Her nickname is the same as a rowdy cartoon character. She is literally a laugh a minute and keeps me and her students in stitches. No one loves our students more than NS, but last week when I called, and said "I have a student...", she interrupted me saying  "Cut him off at the knees!" Her humor is dry and cuts to the quick. So, they are all comics and I love to laugh, so it works well for me.  

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