Friday, July 11, 2008

Where in the World is Anton?

In case you are Anton's friend or mother, you may be wondering why I never write about him. It's because he is off doing incredible wonderful things with other people. He checks in with his five moms, tells us great stories, and then tries to act interested when we share ours. So today's post is about his time, from my biased viewpoint. He's not suffering, except for the time spent with us. He's traveled around meeting different people-both Turkish and ex-pats--learning from them and sharing himself, too. He's helped others with computer stuff, and graphics, and played with children at the Pre-school.
Today he's para-sailing with YW-- people. (Updated 7-12-It didn't work out for him to go para sailing.

He loves to shop, and took better pictures than I at the market.

This is a picture at the Pre-school, where they are learning the traditional American dance, the Hokey Pokey. (Why do they love this in EVERY country?!)

I'm glad he has people his age serving with him at the Pre-school.

The women saw how God took our talents and used them here. (Photography, language skill, crochet talent, being a good listener, crafts, etc.) We know that all five of us were called to this service, and we made connections with the moms and children in amazing ways because of who we were. The same happened when somehow they found out that Anton had art talent. "Could you make a mural????" So he took this wall...

And is making a mural! (The leaves will be the children's hand prints.)

Although it's sometimes difficult having the team split up, we are all effective in building bridges where we are. Anton is learning a lot about Turkey, and says he will be back to serve here next summer and is thinking about being here even longer term.


sbdinkler said...

How wonderful God is to allow your team to serve in each of their areas of giftedness. We knew you would all have great opportunities but never imagined all that God would do in and through each of your lives. Anton does sound like he is in heaven using his gifts and having fun,
Love to all

Joan and Gil said...

Hi Marsh...I would love to hear more about the preschool. Did you spend much time there? What will you be doing in Ephesus? We look forward to hearing the reports of all the summer teams.