Monday, July 7, 2008

Red and Yellow, Black and White, They are Precious in His Sight

I thought so much about my daughter, Kelly, today. She loves children, wants to serve the Lord overseas, and is a great photographer. Until today I didn’t realize how much photography can connect people and break down barriers. Last week we took a lot of pictures at the rehabilitation center, and we showed our camera displays to them, and they smiled. Over the weekend, we developed the pictures and put them on cards with a note inside about how much we’ve enjoyed being with them. The mothers LOVED it. In fact, the women who hadn’t been photographed with their children, yet, got their children, and asked to be photographed. Patti was busy running a one-woman photography studio. We will develop the ones taken today and give them to the mothers this week. Whatever talent you have, God can use it to love others. Enjoy these pictures of some of the beautiful Turkish children whom we have come to love. Look at the little pin the last one is wearing--it was one of the crafts we did with the moms.

Anton's talents have really been put to use here--he is artistic and knows a lot about graphic design, so he has helped make a logo, among other things, and now he's working on a mural for a pre-school.


Brenna said...

aww, so cute.

sbdinkler said...

Marsh these are amazing- they speak volumes without words, You are wonderful as you write and let us know all that you are doing; good and hard! God is so obviously with you and will sustain you. You continue in my prayers.
"Continue to have faith and do what you know is right. Some people have rejected this, and their faith has been shipwrecked." I Timothy 1:19