Thursday, July 10, 2008

In Which This Turns into a Food Blog

Turkish food is amazing, so I thought I’d dedicate a post to it. Yum!
The best bread in America tastes like cardboard compared to the bread in Turkey. There's nothing like the variety and the flavor of the warm, soft, flavorful bread.

Pide-Turkish Pizza

The spices are beautiful and fragrant.

More nuts than on Venice Beach.

A typical Turkish breakfast is fruit, yogurt, cheese, and several breads.

Tavuk shish- Shish kebab

Their plates are always beautiful

This woman is making fresh flat-bread.

This one made me help. After she finished this chocolate Guzlime, she made these little raviolis. Very time consuming!

These little raviolis are a regional dish, and they were delicious.

And then there's dessert!

They have beautiful bakeries.

Colorful ice cream--like gelatto.

Chocolate pudding with pistachios and coconut garnish.

And, of course, baklava. :- P

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mphall said...

Mmm, next time you go to Turkey, I'm coming with!