Saturday, July 5, 2008

And We'll Have Fun Fun Fun

We had angels come and shower us with gifts today. Although we are here to give to them, it would be very difficult to out-give Ben and Verna King. (They said to use their real name). Verna (first photo) picked us up early and took us to the bazaar. Although I think the team is practically perfect, after being at the market, Verna said "Being with your team is like herding cats”. We wandered through the maze of shops offering pants, purses, spices, fruits and vegetables. The best part? Not having to bargain! The Kings then welcomed us to their beautiful home. We were able to eat lunch while enjoying their beautiful ocean view (second photo), do laundry and call home. We had great talks and gained an insider’s view into the Turkish people and the way things work here. (For instance, they told us that the parade of honking cars with the little boy dressed like a prince in all-white robes was on their way to the boy’s circumcision ceremony.) As if they hadn't given enough, Ben took us to the bank (multiple times-long story) to get our money changed, and Verna treated us to Starbucks at the new mall. A tall Frappicino there costs the equivalent of $7.00! This is how WE should treat our overseas servants when they come home. After a week of the heat, jet lag, and serving at the rehabilitation center each day, we were ready for a wee break.

Anton getting in his element!

Patti in her element!

Jenn at the spice stall
Please pray for team mate, Jenn. She hurt her back before the trip, and is in constant pain. She is such a trooper and hardly complains, but she would value your prayers for healing!


Laurie said...

Hi Marsh,
Just a quick comment for Jenn. If you can get ice, have her ice her back for 15 minutes every day--or several times a day. Ice, ice, ice! It REALLY helps my back.

I love your blog. My parents are visiting and we're having a great time.


Sue said...

Hi Marsh,
Saw Sandy Dinkler yesterday, and Dan Stevens and of course started thinking Impact. We remember you in our talks with Dad. Keep up the good work.