Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Meeting New People; Seeing New Places

We have befriended many of the shopkeepers in the old part of the city where we are staying. Ali, in the photo has been one of many who keeps inviting us to tea, and last night we took him up on his offer. His father worked at Yale (I think as a security person), so Ali has very good English. He told us that after 9-11 most Muslims were depressed and upset. They knew the image of Muslims around the world was tarnished by Bin Laden. In fact, Ali believes that Bush hired Bin Laden to fly airplanes into buildings because he wanted the US to turn against Muslims. V. confirmed that a lot of people believe this theory. He also told us that Abraham, David , Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed are all living. None of their bodies were ever found. It’s very interesting to me to hear other points of view, and to try to be light and truth and peace.

Ali and Susan

On another topic...The center we are working at for kids with disabilities is moving to a new building in a month, and today we toured the new building. The owners have spent $2 million of their own money to build this new center. It is as beautiful as a five start hotel! They have a rock climbing wall, a skate board ramp, a theater, individual therapy rooms, a pool, a garden, a basketball court, and more. I am so moved by Ilkai, the wife, who has such a heart for these special children and their mothers, that she would make such a huge personal investment. She loves us, and told a friend in the street today “These are our Americans!” Our Americans. And she said it so proudly.

Ilkai's husband, Ilkai, and a student

The Lobby of the new Center

A place to put on shows at the new building

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