Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Three Girls. Three Transitions.

Kelly Brenna Molly

While I am still a little fuzzy from the Turkey trip, my head is also spinning because of all the transitions my girls are going through. For many years I felt like I always had one doing something amazing and outstanding, one doing fine, and one that I worried about. Their roles shifted, and when one got back on track, someone else took their place and made me worry. But today, they are all three in good places. They are making fabulous choices and accomplishing great things with their lives. While I was on the plane home, Kelly graduated from her Masters program. She is in the process of looking for a teaching job in San Diego, the city where they have laid off the highest number of teachers in the nation. (Thanks, Arnold.) She is answering hard questions on job applications like "How would you use technology in the classroom to create a culturally responsive environment?" Huh?

Brenna was commissioned at church last Sunday to spend a year in El Salvador with Campus Crusade. The young people there have asked for someone to come organize on-campus groups for Christian students on their college campuses. I'm very supportive of her and proud of what she is doing with her life. I've also experienced the girls living in foreign countries, and it's very hard on my stomach. I will worry about her, and I will be very sad that I won't get to see her until Christmas. It's not the same as having a child in San Luis Obispo. I worry from the time they go to LAX to the time they land back in California. (And since Brenna was missing for 30 hours on the way to Thailand, I have good reason to worry! And that Karaoke post didn't reassure me, either! )

Molly's orientation at San Diego State University was Monday. I am also very proud of her, not only for getting into an institution that only accepted 10% of its applicants, but for making a choice that I think is an excellent match for her. I can picture her attending class at this beautiful campus, and I have every expectation that she will enjoy her studies and do well there. It's a difficult transition for me, losing my last child. Things really do change when they go away to school. The dean yesterday said "Raise your hand if you are sending off your first child and you are a little sad and apprehensive." Then he said "Now, raise your hand if this is your last child and you are relieved." Jim's hand immediately shot up, and he told me to raise mine, but I can honestly say I am NOT relieved. I am a little sad and apprehensive. Sad for me. Happy for her.

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