Monday, June 16, 2008

BKP Graduation

BKP graduated from Cal Poly yesterday. I love all the tradition and ceremony of graduation. I cry at Pomp and Circumstance. (It's especially wonderful when played by a real orchestra). Because she won the Most Outstanding Senior in International Business, one of her professors was making this little speech about BKP, and when the prof said she graduated in three years the people behind me said "Oh, Wow!", and then when the prof said she was in Campus Crusade they said "That's why." (Meaning Christians don't party).

Here's a story she sent during the last crazy week of school, when her skin turned pale from being in the library 18 hours a day: I'm at the library, of course. I had finished all my snacks around lunchtime, so I decided to go down to the vending machines on the first floor to get a snack. I opened my wallet and realized i only had two twenties. The vending machines are in the 24 hr reading room, which was quite crowded since it's nearly finals week. I was going to walk over to the desk to ask for change when I noticed the change machine on the wall. I inserted my $20 bill, and then realized, to my horror, that it was coming out in quarters. Duh, it's a change machine. It felt like it was spitting quarters for five minutes, all eighty coins clanking into a metal tray. I tried to surreptitiously slip the coins into my sweatshirt pocket while my face burned red. Of course, then I still had to walk over an buy my Reese's pieces. Once back at my workspace, i pulled out my quarters and put them in a little baggie. I had to walk outside because the thought of all my quarters kept making me laugh.

There was a little party at her house, since she and the two girls she's lived with all three years, were all graduating. BKP made Lemon Cheesecake, Mud Pie (from the Charthouse recipe), and Strawberry Pie. AM's dad barbecued tri-tip. BP's mom made salads. YUM! J made a video of BKP's life that was quite professional. It was a fun day, and I'm so very proud of her achievements.

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