Monday, June 30, 2008

A Serious Case of Too Much Flying

We arrived at our final destination last night after 3 days of transit. We were hot, tired, and crabby. When we arrived we found that the hotel we had contracted with had given away our rooms. (V., our liaison here suggested that the owner was eager to make the deal with her, but then changed his mind without telling her when he was able to fill the room with higher-paying tourists). The new rooms we were given had no air conditioning, and it would be impossible to sleep well in them with outside temperatures in the 90s and high humidity even at night. We were not happy campers, but after having a mini meltdown, we prayed, and called V., who straightened things out. We will pay more for the air-conditioned rooms, but will pay the same amount because Anton will stay at Ben and V.’s house. He is thrilled since he has a nice room, a fabulous ocean view (see photo of the view from his room), and will have a chance to get to know Ben and V. better. AND he really does need some time away from these five women. Even though I knew that obstacles would come (and they still will), when it happened last night it just felt horrible while it was happening. My team was unhappy, the hotel owner was shouting, and I hated to be whiny on our first day here. Looking back I can see how God uses our difficult situations to keep us trusting in Him, and bringing us closer to complete dependency on Him.

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