Friday, June 27, 2008

Two fun things

Two great things happened today. Both started out bad. The first happened when I didn’t get a giant M&M cookie at dinner last night because the young men took too many before I reached the line. Today the cook found out and made a whole bin of giant cookies delivered to me during free time. Yum! Everyone wanted to be my friend as I passed them out liberally. The second thing happened when I broke my glasses. They are the kind with the invisible frames, so you need a special machine to pop the lens back in. (These are progressives—not something I could replace easily.) I really needed to be able to see distance on this trip, and was distressed that this would happen before I was even out of the country. Sigh. MacGyver Greenslate (names changed enough to avoid Google, but he deserves a shout-out), put the lens in the freezer so that it would contract, and then (with much effort) it fit back in the frame. Thrilling! I think God is looking out for me.

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