Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cross Training Part 2

Traveling to Turkey has been like an extension of cross training. There have been plenty of stressful times that have bonded our team further, and times of joy. The stressful: waiting in long lines at LAX, being crammed in a 10” by 12” space for ten hours with a guy who hogged the shared armrest and thought my leg room was his, and arriving at the Istanbul airport ready to take a picture of the driver holding the IMPACT sign, and realizing there was no one to meet us. Additionally, it was hard for Patti to say goodbye to her family at LAX. Her son is going to Thailand and she won’t see him until September. The good times were the treat at the London airport (Starbucks-see photo of Anton and me), finally figuring out that the guy with the Rainbow Tours sign was our hotel driver, and getting our first glimpse of this beautiful country. Pray that we can get to Ant___a safely this afternoon, and that we can be a light to the people we have contact with today.

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taz said...

Hope you are having a great time while we are slaving away at work!

Keep up the great work!