Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Team Bonded over the Ropes Course

Our team bonded over the ropes course today. During the low ropes part, our team had to figure out how to get 18 people over a “noxious pit” via a hanging rope and magic “hover discs”, and the hard part was the people had to land in certain strategic locations on the other side. The secret was to pretend you were at a rock concert and “surf” people over the crowd, after you had everyone in line. It took good communication, trust and teamwork. On the high ropes course I was the first to complete the Leap of Faith, which involved jumping off a high tower, propelling yourself with all your might and catching a trapeze that looked impossible to reach. It was scary, and stretched me out of my comfort zone, which is great preparation for the days ahead. I know there are good times ahead, but it's definitely a leap of faith!

Last night we completed an assessment that highlighted our personality types. You won’t be surprised to know I was the one who liked adventure, change, people and a good time. My type is the one that wants everyone to be happy and included. We have three “C” types, who like order, rules, and details and need a lot of information. I learned that as a leader I need to give them LOTS of information, time and reasons why before we make changes on the field.

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