Thursday, April 17, 2008

I have always hated tests of any kind

Dr. G's office called to tell me they had scheduled a HIDA scan for next Thursday. I didn't even know what this test was for, but when they told me to bring 8 ounces of half and half I decided not to like the test. (Turns out it's to test the gall bladder function). Then a few minutes later Dr. P's office (the gastroenterologist) called to tell me they had scheduled an abdominal sonagram and blood tests. I really want the two doctors to be working in concert with each other, and that no one gets hurt feelings. I'm not sure how this whole medical territory works...will one doctor feel the other is impinging on his province? I hope not. So I called doctor G's office and spoke to his nurse. "Dr. P. has ordered these tests, and Dr. G. has ordered these tests. Which should I do?" She put me on hold, talked to Dr. G. and said "Do all of them." So I told her she wasn't my friend anymore. I'm actually going to wait a week to do any tests. I'm just tired of the stress of going through the diagnostics and the waiting for results. And I'm feeling a little better today. It's a hopeful sign.

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