Monday, April 21, 2008

A Time for Turkeys

I met with my Turkey team at Starbucks in Carpinteria yesterday. (People who love to gather at Starbucks are my kind of people). I had such a great time talking, laughing, and sharing stories with these three dear women and one amazing young man. I admire their commitment to Christ, the way they are living out their faith, and the diversity of their gifts. We missed the last member of the team, who couldn’t make it. One lady on the team sends out several emails a week to the team. As it turns out they are all written by her husband, and he signs them with her name. (Hi Ken, if you are reading this!) He even researches information on the Internet and sends it out, supposedly from her! So I’m rereading all the kind words “she” wrote about her husband, and wonder what SHE would have written about her family and how she spends her free time. I am not artistic at all, and loved seeing two of the women share the cross stitch projects and the intricate paper cutting we could do with the Turkish women. P was accepted into the SBCC nursing program for fall, so she seemed a natural to be in charge of the medical supplies. S. volunteered to handle the money. A and P are great at putting together slide shows. It was such a joy to pray together. No one had any hesitation praying in the Starbucks, even though the restaurant was packed with some gnarly-looking motorcycle dudes. God has assembled an amazing team. I am very thankful, and really looking forward to this summer’s journey.

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