Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More waiting ordered

I saw a gastroenterologist today. He looked younger than my children, but seemed really sharp. I was so fearful before I saw him, mostly because of the unknown, but he allayed all my fears. He acted like I was giving him See’s candy when I showed him copies of all the tests I ‘d had already, and the table outlining my medications and what I had already tried under the supervision of my Primary Care doctor. "Wow! Dr. G did all my work for me!" Predictably, he ordered an endoscopy to find the root cause of my pain. He understood about my hypoglycemia and scheduled the procedure at 6:30 am. Whew! He explained the pain would almost certainly be one of two things: stomach cancer or an ulcer. Let's hope it's the latter. Unfortunately, I have to wait until May 12, and then I'll have to wait again for results. I curse the shortage of gastroenterologists in Ventura.

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