Friday, December 26, 2008

If I Could Save Time in a Bottle

I had the most delicious fajitas of my life at this cute restaurant. The handmade tortillas were just the BEST.

It's great to see Matt and Brenna back together. 

We've been able to relax a lot. These hammocks are on Brenna's terrace.
Look how happy Kelly is here!

Usually when I take a trip I've researched the history of the country and planned out all the things I have to see. On this trip, I'm just happy to be here at all, and I'm loving the plans Brenna has made. There's been plenty of time to relax, read, nap, eat, and have casual conversation. I do whatever Brenna tells me, and it's worked out great. Today we went to two museums and out to lunch. The Marte (Museum of Modern Art) had a great Miro exhibit. The anthropological  museum gave me a good overview of the history of this country. 

Every day a couple more families arrive. I was fine on the names until today. There are now about 33 of us here. We need name tags that say "I'm Jeff's Mom." It's like a family reunion.(The difference is that instead of explaining how you tie back to the oldest person in the family, you are connected to the youngest. I'm "Brenna's mom", not "Susan's Granddaughter.") Although I've only met these parents this week, I feel I have so much in common with them because our children are here together. All the kids attended Cal Poly, too, so we've been on similar journeys.They all miss their kids who are so far away. They are all proud of the things their children are accomplishing and how they have hearts to serve the world. Tonight we all had dessert at Layo and Luchi's, who have been parents to our children here. They graciously accomodated all 33 of us at their house, and gave us gifts and talked about our amazing children. It was a special evening. 

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