Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On the Road Again

My dad's life has always revolved around cars and driving. When I was growing up, he restored antique automobiles. He bought a new car almost every year. When Mom died, he took a road trip of 6000 miles around the USA. So, it was great fun to take him on a road trip yesterday as we met his sister in Paso Robles, half way to her house in San Francisco. He will stay with her for a week while we go to El Salvador. He was happy, and felt well. My aunt is a giving, caring person like Dad, and I think she's amazing to take on the extra work of caring for Dad. They have an amazing sibling relationship. They just adore each other. It's rare and beautiful to see. 

Before we left the girls gave him Christmas presents. He wasn't expecting it, and was emotional. He loves his granddaughters, and the fact that they don't have many Christmases left together made it a poignant moment. He told me later he felt like he had nothing to give them. But he's given them so much already. 

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