Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm under More Stress than the San Andreas Fault

As if what I'm already going through isn't enough today I went through an EXTREMELY stressful deposition about a past student. Said student was involved in a car accident while she was  in my class. The lawyer representing me wanted me to answer the questions as briefly as possible so as to not reveal something they wouldn't have found on their own. Nothing I could say would help my could only hurt her. That was stressful. Additionally I had to remember to wait until she had asked all parts of the question before answering. Sometimes the questions had ten kazillion parts and pauses after a part, so you naturally want to say "No." but then she says the last part "In your wildest dreams, did you think this might be true or could be true if someone gave the student chocolate and dressed in a magician costume." "No." "I'm not done with the question yet...Or held her at gunpoint hypothetically or..." What was the first part again??? Then I would try to answer short, but some of the questions, like "Can you tell me how your school differs from a normal school?" are just insulting. "I consider my school normal." It is perahps untraditional, but is it "normal" for kids to be in a factory setting with 2200 other students, proceding from class to class where the teacher doesn't even know half the names, and makes few allowances for differences? Stressful. Then I came home and dealt with Dad's banking. When he had his first heart attack I paid the bills. With his checkbook. Turns out there are two  checkbooks for two accounts and I used the account with no money. And I didn't write down where the checks were to because I have carbon checks and just forgot that not everyone else does. So the check to pay the line of credit bounced. But I didn't know this, and wrote a check out of it for Decemeber bills. They  suspended the line of credit and all the December checks bounced. Sigh. It's a big mess. Once the train was derailed, it kept running. Meanwhile, Dad's had an account in a small town near us, but the bank was a big bank. The branch in the small town was sold off. It's currently a two branch bank. Now, we have to drive half an hour to deposit checks or do banking instead of having 50 branches in town. And we can't access the account via the web, either. Unless it's during the hours of 8 and 3. We need to change the account back to a bigger bank, but Dad's not well enough to go into a bank and do that yet. AAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!! Stress. I have another stressful situation related to a committe I'm on, that I can't share anything going on because it's all confidential. The fact that I have something stressful and can't share it makes it even more stressful. I'm like one big ball of stress. 

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Melissa said...

Let me know if you are up for a walk this weekend... might help take some stress away. I'm sorry you are going through all this.