Monday, December 29, 2008

Lake Day

Jim and me 

Today we went to a beautiful lake and had lunch. The drive there had beautiful scenery, and the beautiful restaurant was an idyllic setting. 

We've taken pictures of the girls on bridges all over the world, so naturally I wanted a shot on this one (at the restaurant), too. 
At one point we got just a teeny bit lost, and ended up driving through the middle of a very crowded market. It was fun to see the stalls up close and personal, with our car nudging the people out of the way ahead  of us. No one seemd to mind or think it was at all unusual that they had to fight for space with this giant SUV. We passed two stalls where they were selling nothing but live chickens. Brenna, ever the animal-lover said "I don't think they like that." Then we passed a third stall where they were selling nothing but dead chickens, displayed hung by their feet with all feathers intact. Brenna was now wailing "THEY DON'T LIKE THAT." It was bad  enough that they were being held captive, but the fact that they would be held against their will when NEXT DOOR their dead friends were being displayed was just too much for her tender heart. Here's a picture of a woman with a box of chickens on her head. (You have to click it to make it big to see the chickens.) 
Later we went to Brenna's favorite "hang-out spot" and had lattes. They draw pictures, like this flower, with the foam. 

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taz said...

I have the best idea! Marsh, you and your family purchase and open up a huge house (boarding house) so that when Americans come to El Salvador, they can stay with you there, rent rooms, and you can enjoy your siestas and reading all day! Wouldn't that be great? You could retire and actually live on your money!

Oh, if wishes were horses, eh? I haven't seen you with such great big smiles as you have now. All of you look so happy! Have fun, fun, fun, and enjoy yourselves! taz