Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Sweet Story

See? I'm not unhappy ALL the time. I'm even smiling in this picture. We had fun with good friends at a gingerbread house-making party. Never mind that my heart was a little sad to be doing this event without the girls. It's something we've done as a family since they were little. 
But we did have fun seeing RA make one for the first time in his life. Since Turkey is a Muslim country, there are few Christmas traditions there. As pastor of a Turkish church he gets to establish new traditions. 
His pretty wife also had fun. 

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kw said...

So we didn't even get to the entire banking thing, or the library thing, in addition to your brother and the deposition, and the....

You are incredible. All day today cheerful and smiling and carrying on for everyone else. What a good example for me.

I'm glad about the gingerbread houses. Those little traditions help keep us grounded (even though it's not the same without the girls - but then again, what is?!)